Management Consultant

I am working in the field of the “Renewable” more than 16 years now. Within these years I accompanied companies in higher management positions in the sector of “Renewable”, Solar Thermal products and Photovoltaic in particular.

It happened from time to time that I simply needed a “tiny kick” to feel better in the decision I was on the verge to make. I command the tool “management” myself. But in some situations, especially when there was a question still unresolved like “which way is the best for our company”, this little kick maybe would have been helpful.

What is it we can do now in a situation like this? How can we be for service to support your company, to consult, if necessary to guide.

We don’t invent new things when we are using tools like “brainstorming”, “workshops”, “coaching”, “SWOT analysis” etc. But, what we are doing is, to open your mind a bit, as it often happen that our “business tunnel vision” is in the way.
We would like to establish “a fine line” in your decision, if necessary.
In this process, we represent your potential customer; you would like to present your new product, your business partner who is interested to cooperate with you, the group which is interested to fuse with your company and more.

We would like you to be able to understand the view of your “counterpart”, to give you the chance to respond adequate for the best of your company.

You are und you’ll be the main actor here.

We are the “critical audience” the “consultant” who supports your decision fully, or criticizes your idea with a method of resolution at hand or we simply make your decision complete.

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