Development work in the field of "Renewable energy sources and environmental energy saving measures"

When we are talking about the earth, we all are involved, we are “one”. It doesn’t matter if we are industry country, emerging or developing country. We all are able to make our contribution to protect the future of our children and the coming generations. It’s up to us to leave something to them that make it worth to live in.

When we still are doing the same like we do for ages, we’ll not be able to stop the rot that already has set in.

But we will be able to slow down this process.

To use alternative energy sources (renewable) is one way to use our technological know-how to be able to abstain from using fossil fuels and nuclear power. First of all, fossil fuels are finite and are responsible for environment pollution. Using alternative energy sources means reducing the environmental burden and also practiced environmental care and nature conservation.

What does it mean in context to development work?

In many countries the people are lack of energy supply. The technologies and information how to use alternatives are missing. Same to environmental saving measures. It’ essential to ensure the access to information about “renewable” to all people round the world, not to privileged people only. It’s necessary to give the people the chance to understand e.g. that PV could be an alternative to their diesel generating set.


We see ourself in many fields to make our contribution to make it better.
Following some samples:

  •          Technology transfer
  •          Training for trainers
  •          Training courses / lectures 
  •          Conferences on governmental and non-governmental level
  •          Support in flagship projects
  •        Interface between country of need, German engineering and low-cost supplier
           country (e.g. Africa - Germany - Asia)        
  •          Support in establishing “aid for self-help” projects
  •          Interface to institutions, universities, companies and developing partners
  •          Others

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