Consulting Energy and Environment


Within 16 years working in the field of “renewable” and “environmental saving measures” I have gained a lot of experiences. I learned a lot, made mistakes and have done better. This all has shaped me personally and gives me the chance to trust my “gut instinct” with all this experience and obtained competence.


Because of this we feel certain to be able to support you to find the answer to your questions concerning your company, your project, or simply idea.


Following just a few questions of a bunch of emerging questions.

Is my product fully developed?

What possibilities there are to increase the turn over?


Are all eventualities taken into account?


What can I do to improve my product?


How about “afterwards”? (after-sales service, complain management...)


Does the focus to international markets make sense? If so, is it necessary to adapt my product to the respective local requirements?


Does it make sense to set-up an joint venture with a local partner, to produce and market locally?


And many more questions that will occur..


In this business case the same management tools will be helpful to find the right answer
to each problem: specification book / target specification, CRM, PM, PLM, BD, QM, CAM, SCM etc.

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