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How can we specifically support you?

You lead a company in the field of “Renewables” and are planning to expand to international markets? You have a market in mind and now are confronted with following questions:

  •          Is there are market for my product in this country?
  •          Is it necessary to redesign my product according specific demands of the
  •          What has to be done?
  •          Do I have contacts in this country?
  •          Does it make sense to produce on-site?
  •          Are there country specific requirements in sales to be fulfilled in this country?
  •          What price level is procurable?
  •          Where to find employees?
  •          What costs can be expected?
  •          Should I open a sales office only? Or better set-up a company? What legal form?
  •          More questions !

Our job is to find the answers to your questions and to realise your project. We take the job of a Business Developer up to a defined handover.

What makes us different to an employed business developer in your company?

  •          We are no pure wage-earner and are due to our status as self-employed “more
  •          We are at home on international terrain
  •          We live on references which we reach by excellent work only
  •          We already have an excellent international network in this field
  •          We stay on-site if necessary several weeks up to several month to execute our
         duties and responsibilities directly in the center of action

What is it we are doing for you?

  •          We travel to the target country and execute your tasks
  •          We arrange events where we represent your company on-site, visit conferences
         and exhibitions
  •          We do networking directly on-site and generate a SWOT-analyses for your project
  •          In the event of a positive SWOT-analyses, we prepare a plan of action to penetrate
         the new market
  •          We define country specific product developments for your product
  •          We support you in assembling a team of employees on-site
  •          We undertake the task of doing all preparation work up to the handover
  •          For all what we are doing, we write an activity report to keep you informed

What are the costs?

  •          There are different versions available:
    •    Invoicing a daily rate
    •    In case of long-term engagements - invoicing of flat charges
    •    Advertising materials and costs for conferences and events on-site
    •    Plus travelling and subsistence costs

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