Project samples













  •   Bremer Weser Stadium                            special PV-modules
  •   solar-roof VW                                           special PV-modules
  •   solar-roof Mercedes                                 special PV-modules
  •   Artemide Solar-Tree                                 special PV-modules
  •   Solvect                                                      special PV-mdoules
  •   PV-systems from 10 – 1,2 MW                 standard PV-modules
  •   Different stadium projects                         special PV-modules
  •   Different BIPV projects                             standard PV-modules
  •   Different private projects 2-20 kW            standard PV-modules
  •   Different roof integrated systems              flexible PV-modules
    (thin film
  •   Different roof adapted systems                standard PV-modules
  •   Others















  •   University of Shanghai                            
     -  solar assisted cooling
      (Vacuum-tube collectors)
  •   Different international projects   
    -   solar assisted cooling
      (Vacuum-tube collectors)
  •   Different large scale systems international     
    •    Hot water systems for hotels
    •    Hot water systems for laundries
    •    Pre-heating systems for different industrial applications
    •    Process heat
    •    Solar assisted cooling system
    •    Pressurized two loop systems
    •    non-pressurized one loop system
    •    Different collector types:  
        Flat plate collectors,
      Vacuum-tube collectors
  •    Seasonal tank concepts
  •    Project experiences Hot Water systems from 5 – 1000 m²
  •    Others


Renewable energy sources

and other environmental

saving measures:










  •  different projects for alternative solutions - heating and hot water systems for private households and industrial applications
  • heat energy coupling systems
  • heat-pump systems
  • etc.

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