Branch experience "Management"

Sunovation Germany:

  •  Re-building of the company from status „one man developer“ to a company on status efficient and advanced manufacturer
  •  Setting-up the production line focus on higher efficiency, higher out-put and higher quality
  •  Restructuring of the company and realignment to international market
  •  Creating of a second business line as system-integrator in Standard PV
  • Sales increase within two years from < 50.000 EUR to > 4,0 Mio EUR 
  •  Creating and intensify cooperation to industrial partners like EVONIK, WACKER and BAYER
  •  Increase of value of Sunovation
  •  Preparation and conceptual work as to partner in a joint venture


Centrosolar, Germany:

  •  Bringing together three companies to one; Solara, Biohaus and Solarstocc under the guidance of Centrosolar
  • In following fields: Technical Sales, Engineering, Product-magement, Quality-management, After Sales Services, Complain-Management, care of international markets, training courses national and international etc.


Linuo Paradigma, China:

  •  Technologytransfer
  •  Technical support to lift up the technical standards in China following the European standards
  •  Set-up the testing center for solar-thermal systems and collectors according European standards and requirements of ITW-Stuttgart up to the accreditation
  •  Technical support to lift-up technical quality standards in the production line and engineering in general
  • Technical support in restructuring of the technical departments incl. technology transfer and different training courses
  •  Technical support of the international department
  •  Different representative work on governmental and non-governmental level; conferences and other events concerning technology transfer


Woell GmbH Energie- und Umwelttechnik:

  •  Set-up a company in the field of house-installations
  •  Set-up the departments design sales and carrying out
  •  Establishment of renewable energy sources
  •  Education and sensitizing campaign in the field „Renewable“ and „energy saving measures“

Different Consulting activities:

  •  Preparation and conceptual work for the German Energy Center in China
    (BANG – gpdm)
  •  Support in preparation and conceptual work for the Sino-German JV Huch -. Linuo Behälterbau in Jinan, China
  •  Support in preparation and conceptual work for the planned Sino-German JV-Sunovation – Linuo up to LOI
  •  Creating and intensify of different cooperation and contacts between german and chinese companies


Branch experiences "Application"

Solar Thermal Systems:


  •     hot water systems
  •     large scale systems
  •     solar assisted heating
  •     solar assisted cooling
  •     modular large scale systems
  •     industrial hot water systems
  •  Others   



  •     standard PV-Modules, CPC,
  •   custom madePV-modules
  •     grid connected PV-systems
  •     non-grid PV-systems
  •     BIPV
  •     city furniture
  •     automotive
  •     maritime
  •     roof-integrated systems
  •     roof-parallel systems
  •     architectural
  •     design
  •  others

Renewable energy sources and other

environmental saving measures:

  •   environmentally oriented heating systems
  •   combined heat and power coupling
  •   heat pump systems
  •   Energy Efficient Buidling
  •   energy saving measures
  • Others 

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