Here we are


Andreas Woell 48 years old, I go steady.


Beside the life with my life companion and her son there are a lot of things that get me pretty much enthusiastic about, but often there isn’t enough time left for this.


Anyway, there is always a gap that makes it happen to be private and to do my hobbies, as there are: Handball, diving, nature and environment in general or my family and my friends.


Always a reason to be happy.


Anyhow the focus of all my doing was and will be my commitment to make my contribution to get the "Renewable" to the status as "standard equipment" for the energy supply, to get it to normality. 

First step to replace nuclear power and other enviornmental harmful power generation systems.

Supplemented by Know how and network contacts in the field of "Aquaponics" - Healthy food, from the region for the region - water saving cultivation of vegetable and fish at the same time and place.


Important note:
Because of my international network I have the chance and the privilege to bring people together. That means, if necessary I am able to transfer projects and tasks that can’t be done by myself to business associates and consultants.

Because of this, don’t hesitate to ask. There is always a way.


Enjoy reading my pages.


P.S.:    I’m always open for opinions, criticism and recommendations.


Andreas Woell





Sigurd Röber:           


International Experience for more than 25 years.


Experience abroad:   yes


Leading positions, consultant, company owner

Living and working in New Zealand for several years.

Living and working in Netherlands for round about 10 years.

Experience in leading positions for international companies in the marketing and sales sector for new products: non-food, food, technics – engineering





Roeme AG Switzerland,
CID management consulting Hagen,
Jäger AG Switzerland
MV GmbH Germany


Long lasting experiences in the field of marketing and sales as consultant und management consultant on international terrain.

Set-up of structures; sales in particular, B2B-sales, sales management and sales-training

Commercial launch of new products, market analysis, market presentations, increase in sales etc.

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